So Shocking As Pregnant Woman Who Was Dead And Buried For Over 4 Months Mysteriously Gave Birth In Her Grave – Watch Video

Wonders they shall never end as a pregnant woman who was reportedly dead and buried for over 4 month with her child still in her womb delivered in the grave.

There are a lot of mysterious things going on across the globe and sometimes it’s so hard to believe whether it is true or not.

Glancing through the web, we pounced on a shocking story of a dead woman who was pregnant before her demise and has has giving birth in her grave.

The woman was reportedly dead and buried for over 4 months according to the narrator of the story but the cry of a baby was heard in her grave by a passerby who reported to those close to the grave side and they decided to re-dig the grave to check what was the cause of the cry only to see a four months old baby crying.

The baby was removed from the grave after he was found and was giving out from what we witnessed in the video which is already going viral.

Watch the video below…



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