Pakistani Woman Stoned To Death By Her Husband And His Brother In Brutal Honor Killing

A 24 years old Pakistani has been allegedly killed by her husband the husbands brother through stoning and other brutal means in Jamshoro.

The culprit dumped the body of the deceased, with the name Waziran in a Wadda Chachar and that is where the Police through their investigation saw the body which was with severe injuries all over.

The father of Waziran, Gurl Muhammed tried to cover the culprit’s crime but later went back to change his statement and told the police that, his daughter was killed by her husband and his brother and they were immediately arrested by the police.

The husband of the deceased, Allah Baksh when interrogated told the police that, it was his wife’s own family who stoned her to death because they did not agree for them to get married but she did not listen to them and went on to marry him.

For now, Police are still under investigation since the case has now become intense because both parties are claiming to be innocent and are hoping to bring the culprit into the books for Waziran to get her justice and Rest In Peace.

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