Companies In Dubai And USA Begins To Reject Nigerian Students And Job Seekers Applicants – Says “Applicants From Every Country Can Apply Except Nigerians” (Photos)

It’s feel so sad that, most companies and individuals are now getting bad feelings and reactions anytime they here anything about Nigeria and there is one possible reason for all this negative thought about the country.

All these end up on the high rate of notorious acts and fraudulent activities which are mostly headed by Nigerians and these acts are now back to haunt the country as a whole and the innocent ones.

Glancing through the web, we got hold of some companies in Dubai, USA and even some other part of the world that doesn’t not wish to work with any Nigerian descendant.

Some even add it in the job seekers profile that, applicants from every country can apply except Nigerians.

There are most Nigerians who wish to go out there a make a good name for themselves and the country but such people don’t get the opportunity but rather, the bad ones are the ones who mostly get the opportunity and when the get it, the end up misusing it.

This act has not only affected job seekers from Nigeria but also students in Nigerian who wishes to continue their education abroad.

A student who got his application also once shared his rejected application on the web and he was rejected because he wrote in his application that he is a Nigerian.

If this continues and care is not taken, most countries across the globe will also copy such acts and at the end, it will be a major burden for citizens in the Nigerian country.

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