Don’t Provoke Me And Stay Quietly In Your Corner Or Else… – Kwaku Baako Warns J.J Rawlings

Kwaku Baako Jnr who is the Editor In Chief for the popular New Crusdaing Guide Newspaper in Ghana has hit back at Former President of Ghana, JJ Rawlings once again after Rawlings made some accusations against him.

Rawlings and Kwaku Baako Jnr has been in logger heads for quite a long time and it doesn’t seems to end soon as Kwaku Baako recently on Krokrokoo morning show with Kwame Sefa Kayi has warned Rawlings not to provoke him but rather stay in his corner quietly.

It all started after Rawlings accused Kwaku Baako of publishing false stories and making false claims about Rawlings regime in the olden days.

According to Rawlings, Kwaku Baako made a false claim to National Reconciliation Commission (NRC) that, Rawlings and his men abused and tortured one of the men who tried to plot a coup detat to overthrow Rawlings regime but Rawlings since then has always been rubbishing such claims anytime such news pops up and has stated that, Kwaku Baako only made such claims just to tarnish his image.

But Kwaku Baako insisted that,  what he did on such story was right and nothing he stated was wrong and therefore, Rawlings should not provoke him but he should rather stay in his corner and went on to say he won’t mind Rawlings because he is getting old and therefore might have forgotten some of the things that happen at that time.

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