FBI kidnapped My Client And The U.S Had No Rights To Take Him – Hushpuppi’s Lawyer Defends

Gal Pissetzky, Lawyer of renowned Nigerian accused Fraudster, Ramon Abbas popularly known in the media as Hushpuppi is working tirelessly both behind the scene and on screens to fight for the justice of his client Hushpuppi who has been accused arrested for fraudulent activities on over 2 million clients including Lazio football club in the Italian Serie A.

Gal Pissetzky for now has been heard in most TV screens defending his clients and claiming he is totally innocent of all the crimes leveled against his client.

He was earlier heard claiming Hushpuppi is not a fraudster as the FBI and police are claiming because he is an entrepreneur and makes his money in a legit way by engaging in a real estate business as well as earning some cool cash on Instagram as well.

Not ending there, he has once again come out to state that, the FBI kidnapped his client in Dubai which was wrong because there was no legal arrest document that claimed they had the right to arrest Hushpuppi and also, there was no agreement signed by both parties for Hushpuppi to be given to the US because he is not a Citizen of US.

He further stated that, the case is not ending soon as it can go over a month or even a year and still insist that, his client is totally clean of all the crimes leveled against him.

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