Deaconess Arrested For Allegedly Burning And Rubbing Pepper On The Vijay And Buttocks Of 14 Years Old Girl Living With Her For Refuge – See Photos

Princess, a 14 years old girl who was placed under the care of Deaconess Iyema Oyemola Oyewole of Living Faith Church in Nigeria has been seriously tortured and beaten to pulp by the deaconess which has landed her in police arms.

The young girl was given to the deaconess by her parents after they were forcefully moved out from where they live and since things were hard for them, they parent of the girl decided to place her under the care of the deaconess.

The wicked Deaconess.

According to report, the torture has been going on for a long time to the extent that, Princess sleeps has been made to stop school and has also been made to sleep in the toilet and since she can’t drink water at a specific time, she sometimes has no choice but to drink water from the flush toilet.

Not only the deaconess but her son and daughter inclusive has been torturing Princess to pulp but the husband of the deaconess doesn’t talk about this even though he also knows all that was going on.

What made all this bad deeds from the deaconess to finally come to light was when she tortured Princess by using a hot knife which has been placed into fire to burn Princess face and butt.

Not only that, she also burned her private part with lighter and even inserted a hot stick into the private part with the help of her daughter and son assisting to open her legs and after that, the apply pepper on the vijay.

She also allegedly refused to let the girl’s parents see her each time they tried because she didn’t want them seeing the injuries on her body. Whenever Princess’ parents showed up, she told them they couldn’t come in because of Coronavirus.

Because of her maltreatment towards princess, it gave her a lot of bruises on all over her body and because of that, whenever her parents try to visit her, she prevents them by using the coronavirus as an excuse.

Photos of princess after she was seen.

This action of hers continued for a long time which made Princess father to grow suspicious and decided to involve an NGO to help him get access to his daughter.

This is when they saw how Princess has been treated all this while and they police got involved and arrested the deaconess.


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