Police Officer Assaults Okada Rider For No Crime (Watch Video)

Okada men are now scapegoat in the hands of most police men in this country as they seems not to give them any chance to even speak whenever they think they have committed a crime.

Speaking from experience, a video which has once again been witnessed across social media is a police officer who was beaten up an Okada man for no crime committed.

From the story we heard, the Okada man parked his motor bike to go have some lunch and a police officer later came to meet a couple of motor bikes which was not well packed and told the available Okada riders to pack it well but unlucky, one of the Okada drivers was not around and was not able to come and repack his motor and the police man out of anger decided to spoil the motor vehicle because he thought the Okada man has disobeyed him.

The owner then came and confronted the police man on why he is trying to spoil his bike and instead of telling the guy to remove his bike ffrom that position, he rather started molesting the guy thinking he was around when he told them to remove the bikes and the guy didn’t want to.

The police are to serve the people and they knows the law more than anyone so to me, I think it would have been best if the police man should have had patience when he saw only that motor bike still there because it doesn’t make sense that all the Okada men will remove their bikes and only one person will not.

Just because they are Okada riders doesn’t mean they should be treated anyhow especially from a police officer.

This impartiality must stop.!!!

Watch video below

Police Assaulting Okada Drivers is Too Much, This is very bad, We should know how to handle things better, this is never the right way🤔 #AllLivesMatter #Indomienewsnetwork #ghana

Posted by Charles Boadu on Wednesday, July 29, 2020

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