Pastor Reburies George Floyd In Nigeria With The Name “George Obinna Floyd” – See Photos

Not Floyd’s burial seems not to be over yet as people are still doing his burial services to the extent that, a Nigerian pastor has been spotted doing Floyd’s burial service with his church members.

The burial service was done like any normal burial service in the land on Mbaise, Imo State Nigeria.

The funny aspect of the whole scenario is that, Floyd was given the middle name as “Obinna” which is mostly a name given to Nigerians.

In the photo spotted, there was a casket with Floyd’s poster on it with pallbearers standing close to the casket ready to lift it as well as a pastor who is doing the service for Floyd.

From what was heard, the pastor claimed that, Floyd was a Nigerian from what he has found himself through his investigation and has therefore decided to also organize a burial service for him in order for him to also rest well beside his ancestors.

See the photos below…

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