Why Beautiful Girls Like Dating Weed Smokers, Counsellor Oduro Charllote Reviews || watch ||

Questionable Ghanaian advisor, Charlotte Oduro has placed that individuals who smoke weed are the most faithful individuals who hate anything falsehoods and misleading.

In the voice of the advocate being talked about, she experienced childhood in a ‘Zongo’ where the vast majority of the individuals who were in her circles are weed smokers.

In this way, from her experience, these maryjane smokers are consistently fair, steadfast, and having a spotless heart maybe the more motivation behind why women particularly the delightful ones want to date them for mental stability and regard to win.

In a meeting on HITZ FM, Instructor Charlotte Oduro further expressed that weed or pot smokers are not deceivers and love truly.

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Posted by Charles kwesi Boadu on Sunday, September 13, 2020

“I used to be ill bred due to the earth I experienced childhood in a ‘Zongo’ and life was hard for my folks so we needed to battle our way through school so I was consistently in the organization of men.

Furthermore, the majority of these folks were weed smokers. The motivation behind why I was with weed smokers is that they are reasonable and genuine. They are not fakers and they love truly, ceteris paribus!” She said.

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